Monday, 10 June 2013

Dress Code for Summer Part 1

I am back with a couple items for summer. I haven't been doing much shopping lately because I need to save my money for my wisdom teeth procedure next week :( 

The first two images are of maxi skirt I purchased a few months ago but could never wear because they were see through, I finally bought a slip for underneath so I thought I would show you what they look like. 

I just love the chunky stripes on this one, a good switch up from the regular solid colors.

They are so long too! I've got each of them folded over at the top and they are still dragging on the floor. I can see these getting dirty and ruined on the bottom very quickly if I wear them outside, and I'll need to make sure its not a wet day! I love maxi skirts this season, super comfortable and lightweight. 

I love these shorts! The color, the fit, the studs, the zipper, the price. If I was rich I'd buy these in every color ( olive green, black and white). I saw these as soon as I entered Sirens and immediately picked them up, for only $12.00 you can't go wrong.

This dress was a long debated purchase. It was on the clearance rack hidden among many other reject items and it was the only one left. Its in a size xs which I can't usually wear. I eyed it up for about 5-10 minutes before deciding I should be able to fit it, it looked like a loose style and I felt like it would work ( I didn't feel like using dressing room). Well, I tried it on and it fits great. It may be a little short but I am thinking I will wear with a pair of 3/4 leggings or jean shorts underneath just in case. ANYWAYS, how adorable is this? I debated this style, and one in the shirt form with long sleeves but instead of polka dots, there were little black scotty dogs on it. 

Hope you enjoyed! 



  1. Oh yes, I enjoyed!!

    I love the first skirt!! Oh how I wish I could get my belly flat enough to get a belly button ring and wear a hip hugging skirt like this without being laughed at...ah how I miss my 20something body :)

  2. I adore the shorts!!!! and wouldn't they go with that short dress?? And Cheryl why on earth didn't they have awesome clothes like this when we did have a 20 something body??? Lol